Hambi bleibt!

While driving back from Brussels to Frankfurt you are automatically coming from Aachen via the (new) A4 motorway and driving next to the Tagebau Hambach. So we decided to go there again and have a look! It was one day after there have been 50.000 people demonstrating against RWE and the forest clearance. And also the day after the court decided to stop the clearance for 2 years! And today the police is going out of the forest! This is just great! We have to stop this insanity! Nobody needs the coal anymore! While going nearer the "hole", the security was very polite so say that it is too insecure!

Morschenich - I am not so materialistic, but to see those empty houses really touches me. To give up your family history, your house, everything what you can think of isn't existing anymore... the place where you lived, where you grew up, where you had your first kiss, etc. doesn't exist anymore! Wow.... that's really heavy!