Norway this summer!

This summer I had the most different vacation I could imagine. First we did a 3 week roadtrip with our car & tent to different great places in South of France! And then I accompanied my mother to an Aida trip to the Nordkap in Norway with the Aida Aura with 1400 people on board. She is working there as a jewellry workshop edutainer, doing every day we were on the sea two workshops, who were all full! I helped her a little bit with the heavy bags and enjoyed the cruise. And yes I must say, she is a really great teacher, who can work with everybody - from kids to adult, talented and nontalented! And yes I am always very much critical with the cruise hype, but I really enjoyed the small ship. Of course, there are a lot of things, for example the enormous air pollution, which I really don’t like and don’t want to support. Just for this case, I wouldn’t book for myself and for our family a cruising travel, but anyways this time was an adventure I don’t want to miss! Also to travel with my mum in a 13 qm box! Yeah you really must understand yourselves!

So we saw a lot of great landscapes and I loved to see the Lofoten, which are really amazing.

On the ship I always tried to find some places where nearly nobody is.