Hambi bleibt!

While driving back from Brussels to Frankfurt you are automatically coming from Aachen via the (new) A4 motorway and driving next to the Tagebau Hambach. So we decided to go there again and have a look! It was one day after there have been 50.000 people demonstrating against RWE and the forest clearance. And also the day after the court decided to stop the clearance for 2 years! And today the police is going out of the forest! This is just great! We have to stop this insanity! Nobody needs the coal anymore! While going nearer the "hole", the security was very polite so say that it is too insecure!

Morschenich - I am not so materialistic, but to see those empty houses really touches me. To give up your family history, your house, everything what you can think of isn't existing anymore... the place where you lived, where you grew up, where you had your first kiss, etc. doesn't exist anymore! Wow.... that's really heavy!

Bruxelles ma belle!

Wow this is just an amazing place, the old Citroen “Yser” garage in Brussels - now the art center Kanal-Centre Pompidou. Just overwhelming to go for a tour and feel this old building, the old factory of Citroen. We can remember how that big building was filled with cars! They decided to let that old spirit, the old building like this until june 2019, and then start with the building renovation until its re-opening as a museum in 2022/2023. So, Brussels has one great art spot more! Thanks for that great place!

Norway this summer!

This summer I had the most different vacation I could imagine. First we did a 3 week roadtrip with our car & tent to different great places in South of France! And then I accompanied my mother to an Aida trip to the Nordkap in Norway with the Aida Aura with 1400 people on board. She is working there as a jewellry workshop edutainer, doing every day we were on the sea two workshops, who were all full! I helped her a little bit with the heavy bags and enjoyed the cruise. And yes I must say, she is a really great teacher, who can work with everybody - from kids to adult, talented and nontalented! And yes I am always very much critical with the cruise hype, but I really enjoyed the small ship. Of course, there are a lot of things, for example the enormous air pollution, which I really don’t like and don’t want to support. Just for this case, I wouldn’t book for myself and for our family a cruising travel, but anyways this time was an adventure I don’t want to miss! Also to travel with my mum in a 13 qm box! Yeah you really must understand yourselves!

So we saw a lot of great landscapes and I loved to see the Lofoten, which are really amazing.

On the ship I always tried to find some places where nearly nobody is.

roadtrip through south of France

Yeah this year we started quite early - 1st of july to start our roadtrip. As alway to France, but this year we planned nothing….we just wanted to start and to look where we are going to. Like always we had everything we need in our car, and yes we found great places like a camping spot in the Ardèche area, where we had a little bit of rain, then to the Côté Bleue, then to the other side of Marseille to La Ciotat, where we found a camping directly at the coast, but with heavy wind. Then we had a great place near Arles and saw the Camarque and the photo festival in Arles. Then to the Cevennen to the river Tarn, it’s so beautiful and amazing with the rocks, but its raining too much if you are camping! And then we had another stop in the Jura, but it was still raining! Great holidays with the family!

Easter holiday in Paris!

we are always coming back to Paris! I always wanted to live ein Paris, once - before I had two artist-in-residencies in Paris, before we moved to Bruxelles.  So now I am quite glad that we don't live there but can come for a visit always when we want. To have a look, I love to see how the city changes, I always come to the same places like Les Olympiades, to La Defense, to the Cité Pablo Picasso in Nanterre, and just walk around!