I was visiting my good old friend Nelson in Berlin Neukölln on a saturday afternoon in the beginning of march. We do know us from our “wild artist in residence time in Paris” before having kids. Nelson is now living in a patchwork family situation with 4 kids, 2 permanent, and 2 temporary. We had a great afternoon together, but it was stressful! Stressful, because one of the kids is always crying, one is always making trouble… I was so much remembered to my childhood - we had the same constellation, my father in Wiesbaden, later in Berlin, with 2 kids from his second marriage. My brother and me, we were the oldest, but only temporary living with him/them. It was quite the same, one was always crying! Hard to believe that my father and stepmother survived this incredible kids energy of 4! Now I am really overwhelmed how chilled Nelson and Patrick are living their patchwork family! Yeah, chapeau! Just a normal saturday afternoon!