ROSY ONE  was born in 1977. Inspired by her older sister's record collection, RosyOne fell in love with Hip Hop at age 12 in 1989. She started to breakdance, to spray and to DJ. After traveling with her family to Berlin and Paris, she started to paint with names like "Mystery", "Danger", "Scrag" and many more. Obsessed with graffiti she painted many trains and subways all over the world. In 1996 she was arrested after a bugged phoneline and was given a prison sentence and a heavy fine. After that she had to reorientate herself and changed her name to "RosyOne". With this more feminine name she soon gained more attention from all over the world. She was invited to several events and started to exhibit her art all over the world (USA, Russia, Czech Rep., Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Sweden, etc.) In her work she still makes references to the golden age of Hip Hop - the 80's. And she is still collecting vinyl, tapes, ghetto blasters, sneakers, clothing from that period of time. As DJ Mok la Rok, she is deejaying early Rap and sweetest Soul music and has released three mixtapes. In 2011 she released the book "Cause We Got Style!" - a book about Hip Hop posing in the 80's and early 90's. RosyOne lives in Biel-Bienne, Switzerland with her husband and her two sons, where she does lives her life autonomously as an illustrator and artist. 

JEANNETTE PETRI a.k.a. Jee-Nice, born 1974 in Düsseldorf, studied film & photography. She has published Anattitude Magazine, a female Hip Hop magazine, throughout the last ten years. After several scholarships and living in Paris, Brussels and London, she lives now with her son and husband in Frankfurt, Germany. After being inspired by Rosy over the last couple of years, Jee decided to document a portrait of Rosy and her family. "In living color" is a portrait about a famous graffiti writer and her family. 

Rosy and Jee have worked together since years for several Hip Hop parties and exhibitions, the Anattitude magazine, and the "Cause We Got Style" book. Rosy & Jee have many things in common, not only their love for Hip Hop. 

Many thanks to: Rosy, Linus & Emil & Eliot, Olivier & Léon and Eloise, Mara, Sonja, Kati, Dirk & Wolfgang. 

Produced with funds of the Hessische Kulturstiftung. 

JEANNETTE PETRI - Rosy One - in living color - 1. Edition / 200 Ex. / 2015 All rights reserved.